The A to Z of food supplement development

Choose from our full service or personalized service

Innovation in

Food supplements

  • The launch of more than 200 new products on the French and European market each year;
  • More than 180 referenced suppliers for raw materials and packaging allowing us to faithfully meet your specifications, while offering you relevant innovations for your brand.
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Guaranteed quality

Our know-how

Standard or customized products

Customized food supplements

Development of your customized food supplement as a full service or across certain stages, depending on your goals and specifications: active ingredient(s), dosage form, desired claims, maximum daily dose, budget, etc.

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Standard food supplements

Offer of a range of food supplements developed as a private label, having already been tested by consumers. Turnkey formulas with customized packaging. Minimum quantity of 250 units per listing.

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Nutra Skills

Pierre Caron Laboratory and Codilab merged

The Nutra Skills Laboratory is a French expert in the development, manufacturing and packaging of organic or conventional food supplements, in various forms (capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.). Manufacturer for brands and distributors. Full service or simply based on defined phases of food supplement development.
These are two R&D departments which combine their scientific and regulatory expertise to design high-quality, safe products that embrace market innovations.
A Quality team oversees the traceability and compliance of raw materials, right through to the finished product.
A factory for manufacturing food supplements, equipped with a fleet of high-performance and state-of-the-art machinery.

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