Food supplements regulations

More popular than ever with consumers, food supplements can allow your brand to make its mark in the beauty and/or wellness sector. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and plant ingredients, these products must still meet high quality standards and comply with strict regulations. As an ultra-specialised manufacturer of food supplements, the Nutra Skills Laboratory supports you at every stage, from design to marketing of your food supplements. It helps to ensure you adhere to the regulations in force.

Food supplements are strictly regulated

As they are considered to be foodstuffs, these products do not require marketing authorization.

However, they are subject to other legal requirements:

For example, before they are marketed they must be declared to the DGCCRF – the French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control. The latter reserves the right to enforce consumer safety checks. It can also verify the dosage of active ingredients to validate your claims.

When marketing your food supplements, you must meet certain safety requirements. These relate to aspects such as your production hygiene, but also any contact with prohibited ingredients, etc. Nutra Skills follows a methodology that ensures your products comply with all these legislative points.

Regulatory provisions also determine the list of authorized ingredients and raw materials daily doses that must not be exceeded.

Food supplement regulations also apply to the claims you use in your marketing campaign or on your packaging. The legislation only permits a limited number of these.

Regulatory expertise at Nutra Skills

Our specialized teams are available to help you design and produce a safe and high-quality food supplement:

  • Our specialists handle regulatory compliance verification for your formulations.
  • We also validate your marketing claims, in terms of wellness as well as beauty or nutrition. We provide support with this, in relation to reference texts as well as regulatory provisions.
  • We ensure that your packaging adheres to legal requirements. We also arrange label proofreading.

To facilitate the design of your food supplements, the Nutra Skills Laboratory also takes care of your regulatory affairs. Declarations and certifications are carried out for you with the competent authorities. Our teams also track applications with regulatory authorities. This allows us to offer you a comprehensive, personalized support service.

If necessary, the Nutra Skills teams adapt formulations. The changes made then allow you to stay in line with legislation and prevent any delay to the marketing of your food supplements.

Good to know: Our teams anticipate changes in legislation

As our teams constantly monitor regulations, they are able to anticipate changes in legislation. These changes are automatically applied to your formulations and claims.

Organic food supplements: specific regulations

Perhaps you wish to source organic ingredients and raw materials to create your food supplements. These must adhere to additional, specific regulations. The Nutra Skills Laboratory also brings you its expertise in this regard.

Our teams can assist you with the following regulatory matters:

  • Adhering to labelling requirements for organic food supplements
  • Checks on your finished products: ingredients, purity, dosages, etc.
  • As well as in terms of traceability.

Labeling regulations for food supplements

Whatever their form and formulation, food supplements are accompanied by specific labeling.
This is subject to strict regulations, which demand that you:

Mention any information the consumer needs to know, and prevents any error from being committed. For example, this is the case for the composition of organic or non-organic food supplements.

Marketing claims must not attribute any properties to your food supplements that indicate they can prevent or treat an illness.

There is a minimum size at which characters must be printed. Readability must be guaranteed.

Packaging must also inform consumers of any allergens the finished product may contain. The same applies for nanomaterials.

Furthermore, France requires that you clearly show the threshold and/or warning related to the dosage of certain plants or other ingredients.

Finally, you need to make it clear that taking food supplements does not replace a varied and balanced diet in any way.

The teams at the Nutra Skills Laboratory have flawless knowledge of the specific regulations relating to food supplements. This allows them to ensure your products are completely safe to use. Our experts work to ensure adherence to these requirements from your formulation’s development stage onwards. They then monitor the product at each stage of its creation.

When you market a food supplement, you commit to guaranteeing its compliance. To do this your actions need to be based on strict regulations, and the Nutra Skills Laboratory knows these inside out. Contact us to benefit from the ultra-specialized regulatory expertise of our teams.