Food supplement specification sheet


Request a template for your specification sheet!

The Nutra Skills Laboratory creates your customized food supplements in accordance with your specifications:

  • ingredients, desired (plants or others), with proven results or not, Fair For Life certified or not, Organic or not,
  • desired claims
  • galenic form, 
  • program duration
  • price positioning
  • etc…

For all food supplements using a private label, please contact us to receive our catalogue.



What are specification sheets ?

Specification sheets are essential, grouping together all the requirements and expectations to food supplement development. They extensively define all the product characteristics

Prior to the project, the client draws up a specification sheet before any discussion with a service provider. This enables the client to establish an extremely detailed request to be subsequently reviewed as a technical document.

It may be in text format and ideally contains titles, paragraphs, etc to be clear and easy to read. The spreadsheet file benefits from straightforward and rapid understanding of all product characteristics, as well as checking that answers were given to any queries raised.

After agreeing to all product characteristics on the specification sheet, the laboratory can make an offer and draft a contract.

The specification sheet can be used as a reference document to be viewed throughout the product development stage.
It will notably be used to check the conformity of the product delivered.