Ingredients and raw materials sourcing

As a specialist in this field, the Nutra Skills Laboratory offers personalized support from the initial design to the final marketing of your food supplements.

Once the formulation is defined, Nutra Skills rolls out its highly specialized expertise.

Today, food supplements have become leading products on the wellness market. They can offer a little something different to add to your product catalogue.

Successfully selecting ingredients for food supplements

Consumers are increasingly turning to food supplements to relieve daily aches and pains or to boost the benefits of certain cosmetic products. These products must nevertheless meet certain quality requirements and contain active ingredients that are in line with their claims. The Nutra Skills Laboratory teams are permanently monitoring the latest market trends. Depending on the needs and wants of your target market, our experts are proactive in suggesting the right active ingredients for your tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids.

We work on sourcing clinically proven ingredients (or not), organic or traditional. Furthermore, the Nutra Skills Laboratory chooses at least two suppliers for each raw material to secure your orders, from both a time scale and price standpoint.

The raw materials sourced by the Nutra Skills Laboratory may be certified:

  • FFL (Fair For Life) to perfectly follow your specification sheet regarding fair trade,
  • AB (French label for organic farming) for any organic food supplements.

Sourcing from meticulously approved suppliers

Nutra Skills must choose amongst a vast number of raw material and ingredient suppliers all over the world. Over our 19 years of experience, we have selected over 180 qualified professionals based on the following criteria:

  • quality of raw materials,
  • price,
  • consistently respected delivery times,
  • compliance with regulations,
  • innovation capacity (for both raw materials and packaging).

There are numerous requirements at stake here. Each supplier must sign the Nutra Skills specification sheet. This allows us to guarantee the quality of all raw materials delivered and inspections undertaken. If you so wish, you can request additional aspects to monitor during the supply chain process.

A Quality Assurance Department guaranteeing safe food supplements

To market your food supplements, your finished product must meet all the demands of the regulations in force. Once again, the Nutra Skills Laboratory will provide all the expertise required using its Quality Assurance Department which monitors the traceability of all supplies. We can thus guarantee the safety of all stages, from product design to manufacturing. 

Adhering to the specification sheet

All raw materials and ingredients chosen will comply with your specification sheet to meet your requirements :

  • Organic or conventional raw materials,
  • Ingredients with proven results, or not,
  • Local sourcing (France), from European countries or worldwide.
  • Natural, vegan, or vegetarian products.
Iso 22000

Laboratory certifications

As a developer of food supplements, the Nutra Skills Laboratory is fully compliant and certified by HACCP, ISO 22000, ECOCERT and the French Anti-Doping Standard NF V94-001, essential to guarantee you completely safe and quality products.
All ingredients and raw materials sourced by Nutra Skills meet stringent quality criteria. Please contact the Nutra Skills teams for more information.