The A to Z of food supplement design

The food supplement market is booming, responding to high demand from consumers. As a food supplement manufacturer, Nutra Skills assists you at each stage of the design process, allowing you to benefit from its expertise.

While we mainly develop tailor-made food supplements, we can also offer you existing formulas that have already proven their effectiveness with consumers, via our catalog of white label food supplements, an offer that we update each year according to market expectations.

Each stage of the process of designing a food supplement

Specializing in the nutraceuticals field, the Nutra Skills Laboratory uses its expertise to support your growth.

It can support you with developing an innovative product with a complex formulation.
To do this, Nutra Skills relies on its R&D teams and their extensive market knowledge.

1. The specification sheet

The creation of the specification sheet is a key step in the process. It allows your company to clearly indicate the expectations and technical and financial requirements established. To do this, we refer to your specification sheet :

  • We adapt to the wellness and nutrition marketing claims on which you wish to communicate. We select suitable active ingredients and raw materials, clinically proven or not, Fair For Life certified or not, organic or not.
  • We advise you on dosage form and the program duration to opt for.
  • We offer packaging that is appropriate for your marketing positioning and allows you to best preserve your products.

2. The most innovative formulation

A theoretical formulation can now be established by our R&D (Research and Development) department by following this specification sheet.

Depending on your request, our R&D team can offer you either a standard formula or a customized formula.

The main elements making up the formulation are:

  • Choice of ingredients and active ingredients with dosages that achieve the desired claims, product efficacy and respect for your price positioning.
  • An adapted dosage form: gel capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.
  • Daily dose and treatment duration.

We confirm with you the technical and industrial aspects of the formulation.

3. Sourcing

You benefit from our network of 180+ qualified suppliers for ingredients and raw materials sourcing. Each of these has been carefully selected for the long-lasting quality of their raw materials, for adhering to time scales and for their price.

Our sourcing applies to proven ingredients (having undergone a clinical study), FFL certified (Fair For Life, a guarantee of ethical sourcing, based on the fair remuneration of all those involved in the supply chain) and AB certified (Agriculture Biologique, or Organic Farming).

We offer you the security of sourcing at least two suppliers for each raw material. This enables price and time scales to be secured.

4. Your packaging design

The design of a food supplement is completed by the choice of packaging. Once again, the Nutra Skills Laboratory is involved in this stage as a valuable partner. Thanks to our specialist teams, you can benefit from constant monitoring of new trends and the latest innovations in this sector.

In terms of graphic design, our team is also specialized in this type of product. This enables you to benefit from their creative expertise.

We support you with writing and adding regulatory notices to your packaging. We then act to validate its form and content.

Once all these stages are complete and approved, one of our project managers schedules the production of your food supplement.

To make your product stand out when it goes to market, and to ensure successful sales figures, your food supplements must be designed with the utmost care.

As a food supplement laboratory and manufacturer, Nutra Skills offers you personalized support at each stage of the design process. If you would like to benefit from the technical, scientific and regulatory expertise of our teams, contact us now.