Manufacturing food supplements

Following on after the research and development is the production phase of food supplements which requires rigor and precision. This stage is defined beforehand by the project manager and is undertaken once the final formulation and raw material sourcing are finalized. The French laboratory Nutra Skills, developer of food supplements, offers you fully personalized assistance to create your products, relying on our France-based manufacturing facility and innovative, ever-evolving machinery equipment (10% of our turnover is invested in this).

Manifold and specialized know-how

Nutra Skills delivers exceptional quality thanks to its ultra-specialized know-how. Our teams excel in sophisticated technologiesused to design and manufacture food supplements, facilitated by our highly efficient machinery equipment. Our industrial and manufacturing know-how for food supplements is not only recognized in France, but also in many countries throughout the world.

These skills enable our workforce to respect your quality commitments and requirements. At Nutra Skills, we produce food supplements in solid forms as well as dry powder blends or with permeation. Different variation of tablets and capsules can be made: 

  • Effervescent tablets,
  • Chewable tablets,
  • Tablets to swallow,
  • Orodispersible tablets,
  • Varied-origin capsules (plant-based, animal gelatine or marine) and of all sizes (T1, T0 and T00).

These food supplements are available in various forms to perfectly meet your specification sheet.

Expertise supported by state-of-the-art machinery equipment

To allow the Nutra Skills Laboratory to produce top-quality food supplements, the company relies on cutting-edge technology:

  • capsule fillers able to undertake compression-dosing or levelling,
  • tablet pressing machines,
  • and blenders.

Our machinery equipment is constantly being updated to meet your manufacturing needs and to manage varied production sizes. We undertake to offer you personalized assistance in producing your food supplements and our financial investments allow us to engage in our partner-projects. Our production capacities are therefore guaranteed.

Strict product monitoring

Quality and safety requirements are mandatory when developing and producing food supplements. Our systematic checks at each production stage allows us to ensure total compliance. We can also undertake any additional checks which you may request in your individual specification sheet.

These different machines are all operated by our highly proficient and expert technical teams within the Nutra Skills Laboratory. All the formulations, regardless of their complexity, benefit from exceptional quality and are made in France.

Formulation regulations

Regarding hygiene and safety, the production of your food supplements is backed by batch files and certificates of analysis. You are thus totally compliant with the HACCP and ISO22000 standards. The HACCP serves to guarantee the hygiene of all ingredients used in the food supplements and is based on 7 basic principles. The ISO22000 standard guarantees food safety and is an internationally recognized certification. We also work according to the NF V04-001 anti-doping standard.

Quality checks are undertaken on a regular basis, which allows the French Nutra Skills Laboratory to guarantee:

  • the compliance of ingredients used,
  • and those of food supplements produced.

The Nutra Skills Laboratory is determined to offer you solid guarantees regarding safety and regulations.

Traceability and labelling regulations

Product traceability is guaranteed both before and after using our ERP (product supply and traceability managementsoftware). We ensure all existing standards are respected as well as full compliance with your specification sheet when releasing batches. In regards labeling, the Nutra Skills Laboratory always conforms to the ever-changing legislation. You can rest easy and rely on our expertise to manufacture products in accordance with the regulations in force. Furthermore, we can also approve your marketing claims. This is important as your final packaging must contain specific statements and obligatory information. We will ensure the following is mentioned:

  • List of product ingredients components,
  • Recommended daily amount,
  • Required indication stating that food supplements can in no manner replace a varied and balanced diet.

The manufacture and production of food supplements are in expert hands with the Nutra Skills Laboratory, and you can expect nothing but the best for your products. For more information about all our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our teams.

Three points to remember:

  • Your food supplements are created and produced by experienced and specialized teams.
  • Nutra Skills is at your side from start to finish.
  • The company undertakes rigorous checks to meticulously respect all regulations in force and to guarantee you quality products.