Create your private label food supplements

Nutra Skills delivers a range of private label food supplements. We carefully formulate these products to meet all market expectations. You can market them under your own brand.

A « private label » food supplement is a product from a range of standard formulas. These have been developed by the Nutra Skills R&D in accordance with the latest innovations and market trends. They have already been tested. The idea is to enable you to quickly and easily create your food supplements from our turnkey formulas. They will then be customized according to your specifications (primarily related to packaging). You are then able to market full product ranges using your branding identity.

The advantages of a private label food supplement

Choosing a private label food supplement means opting for products that meet market and consumer expectations.

It is also guarantees that you will benefit from a fast service, due to the reduced number of stages required to launch the product on the market. We take care of choosing raw materials, developing definitive formulas and marketing claims, as well as quality testing. The production time and packing turnaround will therefore be relatively short. You can be sure of selling a high-quality, safe product that is compliant with current regulations. This means reduced costs related to formula development expenses and industrial tests.

The standard formulas we make available will then be packed in customized packaging, according to your needs and constraints.

Conditions for developing your private label products

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for our standard formulas is set at 250 units per listing.

We can offer you a vast offer of 112 listings to date.

This changes each year, with the addition of innovations in line with market demands. These dosage forms can be packed in 60 or 90, in three different pill containers designed in PET, glass or RPET. The latter is a recyclable material made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET.

Our offer is broad and diverse, extending across a catalogue covering all wellness concerns, with different proposals for each of these. These products can have an organic or conventional formulation.

Our private label food supplements
are available in the following categories

Sleep and




Weight loss





Vitamins and

Finally, we can offer you a wide range of organic plants and specific certified organic complexes.

Please note  : it is not possible to make changes to the formulas we offer in the standard range, as these are fixed. However, we respond to any requests to create customized food supplements.

You will enjoy personalized support with a dedicated R&D project manager as your single point of contact throughout the project. Opting for a private label formulation provides you with an initial chance to test the market, before launching into a customized range.

Nutra Skills also offers tailored food supplements with support in developing customized formulas.

Request your product catalogue to create your customized private label food supplement. 

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