Packaging of food supplements

Packing follows the manufacturing phase. It requires know-how and a fleet of machinery adapted to the food supplement. This is an essential stage of production, because the container must maintain the product quality, guaranteeing preservation and therefore its efficacy over time. Nutra Skills reviews this stage.

Product containers on the market

Different types of containers and packaging are authorized and sold on the food supplement market. Containers made from eco-friendly materials can be manufactured in:  

  • polylactic acid (PLA), a plant-based material made from corn starch, so bio-based and biodegradable ;
  • RPET (polyethylene terephtalate), a plastic material made from 100% recycled PET, primarily from the food and drinks industry ;
  • Kraft and paperboard ;
  • glass, for certain jars.

Other forms of product packaging can be developed in non-recyclable materials, such as PET or HDPE plastics.

The containers can be adapted to the client’s request. They can be :

  • opaque or transparent,
  • with different possible color schemes.

Finally, several secure lid systems are offered :

  • press-close ;
  • screw-on ;
  • or even lids fitted with an tamper-proof system.

Food supplement labeling and associated packaging can be customized. Capacity may also vary depending on the size of food supplements and the choice of packaging

Why is packing so important?

It is essential that a food supplement has reliable packaging to ensure products are correctly preserved. The container serves to protect against moisture, light and heat. This prevents the food supplements from altering over time. It ensures they remain stable and preserved throughout the product’s life cycle, from packing to when the final dose is taken. Packaging is also strongly linked to marketing. It has a direct influence on how sales of food supplements develop.

What we do at Nutra Skills

Our packing expertise allows us to handle all forms (tablet, capsule, liquid, powder). At Nutra Skills, as a food supplement manufacturer, we perform a large selection of in-house operations, such as :

Filling pill jars

(tablets, gel capsules, soft capsules)

Filling blister packs

(tablets, gel capsules, soft capsules)

Filling tubes

Filling cases

(blister packs, tubes, pill containers)

Filling bottles


Filling pots


Filling sachets

(powders, tablets and softgel capsules)

Bulk packing

on request

Our teams and packing methods used

Packing is the stage that follows the manufacturing of our food supplements, and is carried out by our teams. The following stage involves logistics and product shipping, which we take care of with another specialist team.

We are able to produce at high and medium speeds. Our teams pack products with the strictest respect for health and hygiene standards.

Good to know

When managing the safety of agri-food products, we follow the recommendations of the HACCP process (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in force. This allows us to ensure the hygiene of products by taking several factors into account with regards biological, physical and chemical dangers throughout the industrial process. We also follow the ISO 22000 standard. This defines the requirements relating to the safety of foodstuffs.

Nutra Skills also conducts regular quality checks :

  • During the product’s different manufacturing and packing stages,
  • as well as on the finished product.

We guarantee the release of batches that comply with the client’s specifications. We ensure the production of batch records and certificates of analysis. For all requests for information relating to the packing of our food supplements, contact us (link to online form).

The range of offers in terms of food supplements is constantly expanding. In the face of this booming market, Nutra Skills places innovation at the heart of its activities to offer its customers increasingly novel packing solutions.