About us

Our background

The Nutra Skills Laboratory regroups 2 companies specialized in the development, manufacture, and packing of food supplements :

  • Codilab : the specialist in dry food supplements since 2002: powders, tablets, capsules.

  • Laboratoire Pierre Caron : Full service provider of food supplements development since 2002.

Since 2022, Nutra Skills is the French part of the italian leader Biofarma.


Innovation is our major priority and has led to:

  • Launch of more than 200 new products for all our customers each year.

  • More than 180 referenced suppliers of raw materials and packaging allow us to respond faithfully to your specifications and to offer you relevant innovations for your brand.

A highly experienced R&D team, specialized in developing food supplements:

  • Selection of assets from a large network of suppliers selected for the quality of their raw materials and their level of quality control.
  • Formulation: choice of active ingredients according to the desired claims and dosage for optimal effectiveness.
  • Regulatory expertise including constant monitoring of regulatory and scientific developments, verification of your claims and labeling, declaration and certification of your food supplement to the authorities and follow-up in case of control.
  • Choice of the most suitable galenic form
  • Industrialization of the formula
  • Selection of the most suitable packaging according to your marketing positioning.

Expertise at each development stage

Since 2002 we’ve refined our food supplement expertise at each development stage:

Choosing innovative and certified ingredients

We’ve chosen over 180 suppliers based on their reliable and quality products.
We have been using a partnership network of organic raw materials since the founding of the 2 companies.

Optimized galenic formulation

  • Choice of active ingredients and dosages to support your claims and guarantee effectiveness.
  • Selection of the appropriate galenic.
  • Industrial validation.

Production technologies

  • Dry mixes, impregnation
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Coating
  • Liquid

Regulatory expertise

  • Regulatory compliance of formulas
  • Validation of marketing claims
  • Label proofreading
  • Declaration and certification of the product to the competent authorities
  • Support and follow-up of requests from regulatory authorities.


  • Selection of packaging adapted to your marketing positioning, responding to market trends and innovations and ensuring resistance, conservation and security.
  • Graphic design by an experienced graphic designer.


The modern and ever-improving equipment in our production and packing units allow us to readily and promptly undertake both small and large runs. Our investments guarantee our ability to support our client’s growth, as well to welcome new ones.

Quality control

We undertake regular inspections throughout each process to guarantee all products are compliant with your specification sheet, ensuring regulatory compliance, safety and traceability of each operation.

Our certifications

Quality is the shared objective of all company stakeholders:

  • quality of our advice based on the expertise of our teams.
  • quality of listening and reactivity
  • quality of our products guaranteed by regular controls in each stage of production
  • quality of our service rates
  • quality and relevance of our innovations

The Nutra Skills Laboratory boasts the following certifications: ISO2200, Ecocert, HACCP, FFL, and NF EN 17444:2021* (anti-doping), which solidly ensure the high level of quality and safety of all the products we produce for our clients.

* Only at L'Herbergement factory. Compliance with the standard refers to the implementation of good development and manufacturing practices to prevent the presence of prohibited substances but does not guarantee the absence of such substances. The standard does not constitute approval for use by those subject to doping control.

We promise our clients quality, active listening, responsiveness, expertise, innovation, and confidentiality.

Our CSR commitments

The Nutra Skills laboratory has drafted its CSR roadmap for the period 2022-2024, and makes it available on its website.