Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics defines the principles and values embraced by the Nutra Skills Laboratory and its subsidiaries (Codilab and Laboratoire Pierre Caron) and which should be routinely adopted by all Group members. The aim being for everyone to steadily integrate and adhere to these fundamental values upheld by both management and employees: Honesty, integrity, loyalty, service and product quality, responsibility, safety.

Lawful practices

The companies belonging to the Nutra Skills Laboratory Group consistently respect all laws and regulations in force: human rights and standards concerning quality, hygiene, safety environment, corruption, taxation and competition laws.

Individual respect

The Group policy regarding Human Resources is based on mutual respect, equity, and cultural diversity. Depending on the Group needs, all hiring, training, promotion and other work-related decisions are based on individual competence, talent, performance, and professional motivation. The Group pays particular attention to professional gender equality and welcomes workers with disabilities.

The Group is responsible for providing a workplace void of discrimination (notably racial, sexual, political, religious, cultural or union membership), hostility and harassment.

The Group ensures rigorous privacy of all personal data, for both protection and usage purposes, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

Professional commitment

All employees of the Nutra Skills Group undertake implementing their professional know-how as best possible to contribute to successfully completing company-specific performance objectives. Everyone must uphold company values and refrain from any belittlement, and management should be immediately informed of any unwarranted or unscrupulous behavior.

Work safety compliance

All companies belonging to the Nutra Skills Group manage to maintain a safe and sound work environment through a prevention and training policy regarding workplace health and safety, as well the rigorous compliance of regulations in force on each site.

Upholding the Group image

The Group’s longevity depends on the irreproachable reputation of its products and services. Its esteemed workforce fully contributes to the Group’s positive acclaim and consistently refrain from any sort of belittlement.

Safeguarding company assets

All employees can benefit from the Group’s guaranteed growth thanks to the rigorous management of its assets. One means to protect intangible assets is by establishing respect and confidentiality. From time to time, employees may become aware of sensitive Group-specific information which must consistently remain confidential as, if disclosed in any manner, it could be prejudicial to the Group’s interest.

Handling the competition

The Group likes to maintain a loyal and transparent relationship with the competition by undertaking dynamic but fair business deals. The Group commits to never entertain any price-fixing or other illegal practices aiming to control the competition. It undertakes to make competitor-specific enquiries in a lawful manner: via public statements or documents, trade fairs, industry surveys, consultants acting according to fair practices.

Supplier relations

The Group boasts equitable relations with its suppliers, sub-contractors, and industrial partners, allowing for mutually valued contracts. It endeavors to choose its suppliers according to an objective assessment of their products, prices, and services and, in return, guarantees a respectful, impartial, and fair conduct.

Employees of all companies belonging to the Nutra Skills Laboratory Group consent to never requesting or accepting, directly or indirectly, gifts or incentives offered by suppliers or potential suppliers, which do not comply with the values of the Nutra Skills Laboratory.

Client satisfaction

The Group aspires to treat all its clients equitably, regardless of their activity or company size and guarantees the quality and safety of all its products and services.

All employees must also remember that client satisfaction is key. Successful client relationships are dependent on respecting the principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and confidentiality.

Environmental mindfulness

To comply with environmental laws and regulations, the Nutra Skills Laboratory Group implements a policy to manage and continuously enhances its facilities. Once the products are designed, and throughout their life, the Nutra Skills Laboratory ensures the existing environmental performance standards are respected. The Group always offers its clients solutions which are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the application of sustainable development principles for the company. Group employees undertake to integrate these social, environmental and economic concerns in their daily work by taking all stakeholders into consideration (staff, clients, shareholders, suppliers, etc … ).