Creating customized food supplements

While many sectors are experiencing difficulties, the food supplement industry has seen a steadily rise over these past 10 years.

Many consumers choose these products as they are seeking more natural solutions for their daily concerns, and the forecasts look very promising as the figures expected for 2024 lean towards a more traditional cosmeticmarket.

By entrusting your food supplement project to the Nutra Skills Laboratory, you’ll be guaranteed a reliable and expert service.

A proficient R&D Department
makes innovation a key focus

The nutrition and wellness industries are increasingly assimilating food supplements in their products and innovation. Much more than a trend, it has become a well-established health routine in a large number of French households. These brands have added some food supplements to their range to address certain concerns (sleep, digestion, etc…) or which provide an additional benefit to the existing products. This is accomplished using customized food supplements formulation with quality nutritional ingredients

At Nutra Skills, we strive to offer you turnkey products with food supplements that perfectly meet your expectations in accordance with precise specifications.

Our Research & Development Department devotes solid experience and proficiency to assist you. Our teams are experts are authorities at presenting potential food supplement formulations thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of plants and specialized know-how.

A food supplement laboratory boasting singular expertise

All the Nutra Skills teams are readily at your disposal and fully committed to creating your own customized food supplement.

By working together, the teams can assist you from the project design to the final product :

  • While you draw up the specification sheet and for any preliminary studies, you can count on our specialist experience and expertise.
  • When drawing up a theoretical formula based directly on data present in the specification sheet which will list the various ingredients selected as well as their dosage, origin, quality, etc.
  • But also for project scheduling and management, which will be entirely up to you! Your assigned contact person is also your project manager who will readily be at your disposal whenever needed.

Industrial know-how

All formulas are manufactured in our production facility, recognized for its industrial expertise and relying on a proficient R&D team. We also pride ourselves on our investment in state-of-the-art machinery and qualified technicians.

Customized development of food supplements

Today, food supplements have become standard consumer products.

But to ensure successful development and production of individual products ranges, we recommend you rely on solid technical and scientific know-how.

This is precisely what the Nutra Skills food supplement laboratorycan offer you. Our teams will assist you in creating your individual, customized food supplements in compliance with all specific market and regulatory requirements.

Our various services

The Nutra Skills Laboratory offers the creation of food supplements through a choice of different service offers :

Full Service
from A to Z … for a turnkey product, thanks to our extensive all-round skills

Manufacturing and packaging service

Customized service
for one or more creation stages.

Guaranteeing fast turnaround.

Offering all packaging needs which meet your expectations and requirements.

Guiding you in terms of regulations and health claims.

We will save you time and simplify the process by providing all compulsory requirements that must appear on containers and packaging. In addition, we can assist you when completing your declaration to the French administration, etc.

And lastly, the laboratoryhas all the certifications

allowing us to provide you with a certificate of conformity along with a batch record for traceability.

For example, we can assist you from the moment you begin establishing your project specification sheet.

which will greatly clarify the characteristics of the specific food supplements created to meet consumer expectations or requests. It is also essential to ensure adherence to any country-specific regulations in force depending on where you are marketing your products. Or even to position yourself according to the type of target users.

The specification sheet is then drawn up after extensive research and having conducted several market studies, monitoring technical, scientific, competitor and regulatory developments.

Custom-made, private label food supplements

Nutritional cosmetics and food supplements are strategic initiatives to boost innovation in your range. This is no longer reserved for pharmaceutical laboratories and can actually help expand your offer while expanding your brand’s image.

There are many advantages to creating private label food supplements :

  • A vast choice (112 listings) covering all market categories,
  • Products meeting your consumer expectations and ready to launch,
  • Updated formulas, regularly adapted to market expectations,
  • An accessible MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of x250 to launch a range and test the market,
  • Products with proven efficiency.

Would you like to create your own range of food supplements ?

Contact us and enjoy personalized support for each step of your project.

Three points to remember :

The food supplement market is booming.

Create your own distinct range of food supplements and set yourself apart from the competition.

With the Nutra Skills Laboratory, you’ll benefit from unique expertise and personalized support.