The food supplement formulation

Successful food supplement formulation
relies first and foremost on the choice of active ingredients.

At Nutra Skills, our experts create innovative formulations. The ingredients are then carefully chosen in order to meet consumer expectations by offering high-quality and effective products.

Nutra Skills Research & Development Service

The Nutra Skills Research & Development (R&D) Department boasts an experienced formulation team which creates optimized and viable formulas, aiming to meet client expectations and existing regulations.

A project manager plans the tasks and manages the established teams. Our project management facilitates effective monitoring of our client requests.

To comply with the specification sheet, the R&D Department relies on its experience to engineer the various skills needed:  

  • Astute market awareness and know-how ;
  • Permanent technical monitoring, for continual practice improvement ;
  • Scientific monitoring by our specialist teams ;
  • Regulation monitoring of changes to standards and regulations in force in France and Europe ; 

Competitor intelligence, to preserve a competitive edge. 

Optimal pharmaceutical formulation

For food supplements to be effective and appropriate for our clients, our formulation-specific specialized R&D team endeavor to develop innovative formulas based on your specification sheet, notably:

  • The desired claims ;
  • The dosage form and packaging planned ;
  • Program duration ;
  • Price positioning (manufacturing cost price) ;
  • Raw materials requested in formulation
    (with proven results or not, FFL certified or not, organic or not).

The team produces theoretical food supplement formulations, determining:

  • all ingredient names and specific quantity,
    claims allowed depending on ingredients chosen,
  • dosing: daily allowance,
  • number of units per pack.

Developing the theoretical formula depends on three essential steps:

  • The choice of active ingredients and dosages,
    for optimum efficacy and the desired claims,
  • Choice of most suited dosage form
    (either dry or liquid),
  • Validation of technical and manufacturing aspects.

Formulation feasibility and testing

For the next step, our R&D industrial team undertakes laboratory tests and then a pilot batch which will validate, or not, the manufacturing feasibility of the formula. This testing phase is crucial as oftentimes the formula requires some optimization. After the feasibility testing, the Nutra Skills teams have the required know-how and skills to expertly produce a final and approved formulation.

Packaging creation

Nutra Skills takes the initiative in selecting the packaging for your food supplement, ensuring the product is both well-presented and with long-lasting protection. We work with a select number of suppliers who meet a myriad of quality criteria. We can also produce mock-ups for your containers and labels which can be printed out by our printing partner.

This phase includes the choice between:

a bottle

with or without outer packaging

a pill jar

with or without outer packaging

a blister pack

with outer packaging

a tube

with or without outer packaging

a sachet

with outer packaging

a jar

The choice of packaging is linked to your marketing strategy but must notably serve to promote your product efficacy as well as appropriately preserving the characteristics of the active ingredients in the formulation.

Regulatory validation

Regulations are an essential factor to take into account when choosing our food supplement formulations. In France, the decree n°2006-352 covers the composition of food supplement ingredients. A list of authorized ingredients for formulations is published. The decree also includes provisions regarding food supplement labeling, as certain information is mandatory (presence of allergens on the product labels and/or outer packaging, recommended daily intake, warnings).

Regulation imposes that marketing declarations must be transferred to the DGCCRG – French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control.
We’ll take care of this paperwork for you!

Do you have a question, or need further information concerning our food supplement formulations?

From establishing your specification sheet to the final production stage, Nutra Skills will guide you in the formulation and manufacturing of your quality food supplements. Our expertise enables us to propose innovative active ingredients, adapted to market needs.