Nutra Skills joins Biofarma

Biofarma Group, the Italian leader in the European CDMO nutraceuticals market, announces the acquisition of Nutraskills, a French company specializing in the research and development, production and packaging of food supplements for third parties.

Milan, September 16, 2022

The Biofarma Group, the European leader in nutraceutical CDMOs, announces the acquisition from Eric Terré (majority shareholder and Chairman), UI Investissement, Back to Basics and the management team of 100% of Nutraskills, a fast-growing player specializing in the development, manufacturing and packaging of dietary supplements for third parties. Mr. Terré and the management team will continue to support Nutraskills in this new phase of growth and will reinvest in the Biofarma group.

Nutraskills is the result of the merger of two very complementary companies: Codilab, a manufacturer of dry food supplements, and Laboratoire Pierre Caron, a company specializing in research and development, formulation and packaging of food supplements. With a turnover of approximately €20 million, Nutraskills represents one of the main players in the French nutraceutical CDMO market, serving a wide range of customers whose distribution channels include pharmacies, specialty stores and mail order or online.

This combination offers strong synergies and reinforces Biofarma’s position as a leading CDMO in the fast growing European nutraceutical market by creating with Nutraskills a leading player in France. Biofarma, recognized as the innovation leader in its sector, will provide Nutraskills’ customers with direct access to a broad portfolio of differentiated products, including probiotics, liquids, multi-layer tablets, medical devices and cosmetics.

Louis Jouffrault (Director), Laurent Renner (CFO) and the management team will retain their current roles and lead the company into the next phase of growth, leveraging Biofarma’s technologies, product portfolio and critical mass to further penetrate the French market.

Louis Jouffraut, Nutra Skills CEO, said :

“Biofarma is the ideal partner for Nutraskills, with an unmatched product offering and impressive technological capabilities and expertise. We will continue to support our customers’ growth, serving them with an expanded product portfolio, including probiotics, liquids, multi-layer tablets, medical devices and cosmetics. I am excited and proud to join the Biofarma Group and to accelerate our growth in the French market.”

Maurizio Castorina, CEO of Biofarma group, adds :

“I am extremely proud to have Louis and his team join us. Nutraskills is a unique platform that will allow us to accelerate our international expansion and further penetrate the French market with a broader offering of quality products and strong R&D. While preserving the Nutraskills corporate culture and continuing the current activities, Biofarma Group strengthens its presence in the French market, consolidating its position as the European leader in the CDMO nutraceutical market.”